Tuesday, October 30, 2018

And Now, The Post-Heritage Toronto Awards Post...

Last night was the 2018 Heritage Toronto Awards ceremony. One project I contributed to, the first issue of Massey Hall's Shine a Light magazine, won the Short Publication category. Two others -- my next-to-last Historicist column, and a book I contributed research to -- were also nominated. The following is an extended version of a post I wrote on Facebook this morning.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments following last night's Heritage Toronto Awards. It was an honour to play a small part in working on Massey Hall's winning Shine a Light publication. Special thanks to Michael Barclay for bringing me onto the project.

I was also nominated for one of my final Historicist columns, which felt like a nice capper on that part of my life, and a final nod to the work of Kevin Plummer, David Wencer, and the others who contributed to the column over its decade-long run (including editors David Topping, Hamutal Dotan, and David Hains). Hopefully our efforts over that time enlightened and entertained readers, and inspired some of you to do your own historical digging and tell the stories that aren't always told, or put your own spins on familiar tales. This is an era where historical context is more critical than ever, and where many people are content to ignore or twist it. Do your part to ensure that we draw constructive lessons from the past to build a better city (and world) for the future. Don't be afraid to challenge the norms, or call out those who willfully misinterpret history for their own means.


I've been feeling adrift lately. Partly it's exhaustion from the past year's workload. Partly from thinking about how to retain what's left of my sanity by coping with the current city/provincial/world situation via creating more relevant work and crafting material for those fighting the tide of apathy, ignorance, inequality, and intolerance. Partly it's figuring out what pet projects I'd like to work on when time permits.

The atmosphere and conversations from last night have recharged me (at least for today). The calibre of the work that was nominated across the categories was inspiring, covering so many aspects of Toronto. It's time to pull out of that slump, charge forward, and maybe - just maybe - finally pull ideas out of my head and onto computer screens/into print/insert other relevant media. After being cocooned for the past year, it's time to talk with you, online or in person, and brainstorm, toss around collaborative ideas, etc.

PS: Special thanks to Louisa for always being there, especially when I'm at my lowest. She's there to push, to encourage, to brainstorm, etc. She's all you could want in a partner-in-crime...and more.

Disclaimer: Portions of the Historicist paragraph were written in case I won an award for that piece.

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