Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pressing Questions of the Moment Department: Toilet Paper Roll Size

Nearly all packages of toilet paper proudly proclaim that they contain "double" or "triple" rolls. Yet I don't know if I have ever seen a "single" or "regular" sized roll.

Are they referring to a size nobody has seen since I was born? Is "regular" the one-ply, sandpapery stuff preferred by budget-conscious public toilets? Or are manufacturers inventing value that doesn't exist?

Apparently "regular" size rolls exist in the United States, and they sound skimpy. This coming from a country where you can buy single rolls at the supermarket, which may reflect customers who are occasional toilet paper users, on tight budgets, prefer it over Kleenex for general tissue needs, or require an emergency roll for their backpack/car/visit to a public place.

All I know is that regardless of the alleged sizing, most rolls disappear in a hurry.

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